| 3.22.17 |
DFJ leads $9.3M Series A in AI chip and software company Mythic
“What Mythic has built is a deep learning or neural network chip that implements learning algorithms at a radically lower price point, chip size and power consumption level than anything we have today." - DFJ's Steve Jurvetson
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| 3.5.17 |
IoT predictions for 2017 depend on helping developers
DFJ's Andreas Stavropoulos on Internet of Thing innovations that can improve exiting businesses and create new ones.
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| 2.15.17 |
Talent Handbook for Startups
DFJ Talent Partner Katie Hughes provides tangible techniques to promote diversity, establish recruiting processes, and traits in a remarkable Head of Talent.
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| 2.8.17 |
Randy Glein on Growth Investing
DFJ Partner Randy Glein gives insights on growth investing and public market expectations on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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| 2.2.17 |
The Co-founder Relationship and Why It’s So Important
DFJ's Talent Partner Katie Hughes provides three essential steps to take in order to have a healthy co-founder relationship and, in turn, a productive business.
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| 1.25.17 |
Ringing in a new era in home security
DFJ lead Ring's $109 million Series D. Partner Randy Glein gives insight on this investment.
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| 1.11.17 |
Emily Melton: Why you should not invest from patterns
DFJ Partner Emily Melton talks pattern recognition, analogies, risk, and the rise of the "celebrity investor" on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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| 1.9.17 |
Josh Stein: Why VCs must adapt to their founders
DFJ Partner Josh Stein talks adapting to founders, SAAS startups, and major transition points at Box on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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