| 3.1.18 |
DFJ Growth leads $200M Series B in Helix
“The genomics revolution has begun, and Helix is democratizing access to DNA allowing people to take an active role in managing their health and well-being,” DFJ's Barry Schuler on $200M Series B in Helix
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| 2.27.18 |
Amazon agrees to buy Ring
Amazon announced it is acquiring video doorbell-maker Ring.
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| 2.8.18 |
DFJ Founder Stories
DFJ portfolio company founders discuss their experiences, what they learned building companies, and give advice to other entrepreneurs.
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| 1.25.18 |
Divvy Homes: Paving a new path to homeownership
DFJ invested Divvy Homes, a company that makes homeownership accessible to everyone.
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| 1.24.18 |
DFJ has co–invested alongside Sequoia Capital in a $66 million Series B financing in Front, the shared inbox for teams.
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| 12.14.17 |
The Sounds of Music
Randy Glein and Jocelyn Kinsey give a behind-the-scenes look at DFJ Growth's investment in digital music marketplace Splice.
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| 11.11.17 |
The company photographing every spot of land on earth, every single day
Planet has achieved its initial mission: taking a picture of every part of Earth’s landmass every single day.
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| 11.3.17 |
This Is The Overlooked Trait That We Need To Cultivate At Work
BetterUp CEO Alex Robichaux believes that being able to do this one thing well is crucial in the “knowledge” economy.
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| 10.27.17 |
Driving Tomorrow
Zoox Founder Tim Kentley-Klay: The Melburnian Silicon Valley is backing to change the world.
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| 10.24.17 |
Memphis Meats: Lab-to-Table
Why this cardiologist is betting that his lab-grown meat startup can solve the global food crisis: Memphis Meats co-founder Uma Valeti is the cover story for Inc. magazine's November issue.
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| 9.26.17 |
DFJ's Jocelyn Kinsey: Emerging VC you should know about
Venture Beat names Jocelyn Kinsey one of the top 5 female VCs you should know about.
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| 9.21.17 |
Patreon: Building the creator economy
DFJ's Barry Schuler on Patreon, the economic engine for an exploding class of creators to earn ongoing revenue directly from their fans.
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| 9.18.17 |
Loftium Launches!
Helping millennials buy homes: an insider's look at our investment in Loftium.
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| 8.23.17 |
Excited for the Future of Meat
DFJ lead the $17M Series A in Memphis Meats, the early leader in clean meat. DFJ's Steve Jurvetson gives insight on why people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson joined DFJ as investors in this revolutionary company.
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| 8.23.17 |
Fast Forward with Forward Networks
DFJ's Andreas Stavropoulos gives an inside look at our investment in Forward Networks' sounds-too-good-to-be-true” platform.
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| 8.23.17 |
Lumity: Bringing Clarity to Corporate Benefits
DFJ led Lumity's $19M Series B financing. DFJ's Josh Stein says Lumity, a data-enabled health insurance broker, provides "exactly the kind of technology-driven disruption that we’ve seen across a wide range of sectors over the years."
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| 8.8.17 |
Pro.com — Transforming the Home Renovation and Remodeling Sector
DFJ's Bill Bryant on DFJ's investment in Pro.com and the market opportunity for a tech enabled “virtual” general contractor.
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| 7.28.17 |
Redfin IPO
DFJ's Emily Melton gives an inside look at Redfin's path to going public.
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