Venture TEAM
Sunil Pai
An associate at DFJ, Sunil Pai has expertise in cloud computing, mobility, and business strategy. He was a former management consultant in Deloitte's Technology Strategy and Architecture division. He also gained hands-on product management experience at Infosys and previously worked at Howcast, a video sharing platform focused on instructional content.

Sunil graduated from the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) with a BA and certificate in entrepreneurship and technology. While there, he was a researcher for the Haas School of Business, studying corporate innovation and performance of publicly traded firms in the high-tech sector.

He believes that technology startups, more than any other type of organization, have the power to change the world in ways that last for generations. Sunil is inspired by the founders he meets every day; he admires the perseverance and grit it takes to turn a vision into reality, even when there are significant roadblocks along the way.

He was a four-year member of the top-ranked Cal debate team and won the California state debate championship. He is now on the advisory council for the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League.