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Who writes it: Steve Jurvetson, managing director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Why you should read it: Whether or not you agree with Jurvetson's nanotech evangelism, his intelligent, if sometimes abstruse, comments on everything from genomics to the importance of a childlike mind are a nice reprieve from the usual blogosphere back scratching. If only he'd post more often.
- Fast Company, March 2005

"Steve Jurvetson of venture capital group Draper Fisher Jurvetson updates this blog with commentary on what is going on at the cutting edge of technology. In particular, he explores the intersection between computation, biotech and nanotechnology and tries to piece together this puzzle in real time when determining where the next great investment boom might come from. Sometimes he is so over the top it is funny... Go for it, J!" - Financial Times, 2/2/05

FCC Chairman Interview: Steve Jurvetson and Larry Lessig Interview FCC Chairman Michael Powell at the AlwaysOn Conference, July 2004. Topics include: broadband policy, industry transitions, regulatory philosophy, Skype and VOIP, censorship and Howard Stern.
DFJ's Steve Jurvetson joins President Bush in historic oval office signing of Nanotechnology Bill.
Steve's talk at the National Nanotech Initiative Workshop at the National Science Foundation.
Steve's presentation, "Nanotechnology, Accelerating Change and Venture Capital", at the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders lecture series at Stanford.
Nano Business Alliance: Steve Jurvetson, co-chairman of the Nano Business Alliance, tells CNNfn why small is big in Silicon Valley and how nanotechnology will revolutionize our lives.

Steve Jurvetson on clean tech investments.

The DFJ Conference on Nanotechnology brought an interdisciplinary team of experts together in Half Moon Bay, CA to brainstorm the future of the nanotech industry. Conference Agenda.
Fortune Magazines 40 UNDER 40: MOST INFLUENTIAL
Name: Steve Jurvetson
Rank: 7
Company: Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Title: Managing Director
Age: 36

With hits like Hotmail and software company Interwoven, he has VCs watching what he's buying. Lately he has been looking at nanotechnology and molecular electronics to invest DFJ's $3 billion in capital.

Cybercoolschmoozefest VI. 2001: A Cyberspace Odyssey!
"It was like another world. The party that VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson was putting on was in the blimp hangar at Moffett Field. There are few stranger buildings. And then Tim Draper showed up. In a space suit.

But the portfolio companies for which DFJ threw the party were, mostly,down to earth... infrastructure, wireless, semiconductor, photonics, and CRM companies." — Rafe Needleman, Red Herring

Click here for photos from the Schmoozefest

See video from the Schmoozefest:Real PlayerWindows Media Player

Jurvetson Sold in First Web Auction of a Venture Capitalist

In a charity auction on eBay for a "Breakfast meeting at Buck's," the one hour meeting was bid up to $4,400.00 by some aspiring entrepreneurs. A late bid of $5,000.00 was also accepted. All proceeds benefit the Emergency Housing Consortium of San Jose.

"Mark Hernandez flew in from New York last Wednesday to have breakfast the next morning at Buck's in Woodside - paying $4,400 for bacon, eggs, fruit, orange juice and coffee.....Mr. Hernandez actually bought the breakfast as top bidder in a recent on-line eBay auction, with the proceeds going to the Emergency Housing Consortium in San Jose. While $4,400 may seem like a lot for breakfast, even for charity, Mr. Hernandez is far from unhappy with his investment. 'I think it was cheap,' he said later. For one thing, the breakfast was with Steve Jurvetson and it lasted 2 1/2 hours. Mr. Jurvetson, a managing director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, lately has proven to be one of the hottest young venture capitalists around, raking in the dough on high-tech startups such as Hotmail,, Four11 and Cybermedia." — The Almanac, March 10, 1999 (Click here for full text of the article.)

Web-based e-mail heats up for two DFJ companies.

[Email Explosion Image]"Like many Silicon Valley stories these days, it has a happy ending -- deliriously happy for some. The venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson parlayed two Web-based email companies into a half-billion dollar jackpot." — Red Herring, June 1998

"When it rains, it pours. The same can be said of the recent successes of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which funded two free email companies, Four11 and Hotmail, that recently were acquired by notable tech companies. Within three months, the VC firm watched the two start-ups become acquisition candidates for search company Yahoo and software giant Microsoft, respectively. Industry watchers say that it is more than a mere coincidence that the firm has had two successes in selling the similar companies within such a short period of time... Kirk Walden, a national director at Price Waterhouse, said the last time a venture capital firm had such a profitable run was when Sevin Rosen was the investor in both Compaq, which went public, and Lotus, which was acquired by IBM. 'It is very unusual that Draper's deals are that close together. There is some luck involved, but it goes beyond that. They have made some really good bets,' Walden said." C|net News.Com, January 6, 1998

Hotmail has grown a subscriber base more rapidly than any company in the history of the world. Click here for our reflections on Viral Marketing: How Hotmail Gain